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Winter Holiday 101 – Kick Start


Today for the SLJ I did Winter Holiday 101 – Kick Start. We had to find a cold place around Aotearoa/New Zealand to stay for the holidays. It was tricky at first to search up some places around Aotearoa/New Zealand. I decided to pick Ranfurly, Otago, New Zealand. Ranfurly, Otago looks so cool with all the cute animals and the wonderful weather. It’s also snows there which I have been waiting for!

Why did I pick Ranfurly, Otago?

I would really love to spend my winter holiday at Ranfurly, Otago. Ranfurly is a wonderful place in Otago, New Zealand. There’s snow everywhere and there are EXTREMELY FUN activities to play there. I would LOVE to go snow skating. I have also wanted to play with snow since AGES. I also heard that people in Ranfurly, Otago are really nice and they treat you like your the queen or king. One thing I will hate about being at Ranfurly, Otago is how cold and freezing it will be. It might feel like antarctica. 

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