Winter Holiday 101 – Kick Start


Today for the SLJ I did Winter Holiday 101 – Kick Start. We had to find a cold place around Aotearoa/New Zealand to stay for the holidays. It was tricky at first to search up some places around Aotearoa/New Zealand. I decided to pick Ranfurly, Otago, New Zealand. Ranfurly, Otago looks so cool with all the cute animals and the wonderful weather. It’s also snows there which I have been waiting for!

Why did I pick Ranfurly, Otago?

I would really love to spend my winter holiday at Ranfurly, Otago. Ranfurly is a wonderful place in Otago, New Zealand. There’s snow everywhere and there are EXTREMELY FUN activities to play there. I would LOVE to go snow skating. I have also wanted to play with snow since AGES. I also heard that people in Ranfurly, Otago are really nice and they treat you like your the queen or king. One thing I will hate about being at Ranfurly, Otago is how cold and freezing it will be. It might feel like antarctica. 

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One thought on “Winter Holiday 101 – Kick Start

  1. Mōrena Swaimah,

    What an awesome activity, it reminds me of the TV show Survivor where they have to decide what to pack to survive and compete in harsh environments like the desert or jungle.

    I think choosing Otago is such a good idea because not only is Ranfurly the definition of a winter wonderland but it would be more of a lovely holiday than a winter survival. I have always wanted to visit Iceland to see the Northern Lights, visit the hot pools and go skiing in the Alps. What other country would you like to visit?

    It looks like you have packed all the essentials to survive in the cold!! I was wondering what you would bring for entertainment? Maybe a camera to capture some photos of your trip or some board games to play during the long nights.

    Ngā mihi nui,
    Zana Yates

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