SLJ – Poetry Slam – Rua – Step it up!

Today for the summer learning journey I did Swaimah – SLJ Poetry Slam – Rua – Step it up! It was quite hard to come up with a poem until I thought of rain. When I thought of rain I was like “maybe something to do with a raindrop”. So here we are with a raindrop poem and a shape of a raindrop. Thank you very much Matua Dave for making this task because, I really enjoy writing plus art.

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One thought on “SLJ – Poetry Slam – Rua – Step it up!

  1. Kia ora Swaimah,
    This is a great example of a shape poem that you’ve found and it could be a really great inspiration for making your own. I’ll be back to see how you’ve used this poem to inspire the creating of your own shape poem.
    Once you have completed this task yourself then the SLJ team will give you the points for the activity.
    Mā te wā – I can’t wait to see your other posts over the summer.

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