Build a plane – Kick Start

Today for the SLJ I did Build a plane – Kick Start. It was really easy because we had to make a glider plane. I tried my best to make my glider plane as detailed as I can. We went to the strawberry farm today so it was a bit tricky for me to build the glider plane, because I was tired. We had to use recycled materials. I used a plastic bottle, a piece of paper, some carboard and pens. Please leave a positive comment on my blog. Thank you!

One thought on “Build a plane – Kick Start

  1. Kia ora Swaimah,

    It is Charlotte here, a blog commenter from the Summer Learning Journey. Well done on your awesome post! I think this activity is great because you can be as creative as you would like.

    I wonder, does your plane really glide? If yes, well done! If no, what changes could be made to allow it to fly? I think it is awesome that you have included photos of the different angles of your plane, it is interesting to see what it really looks like!

    Using recycled materials to create something new is great! I love making old things look new or making new things out of old things, it is a great way to begin to care about our earth! What are some other ways we can help to look after the planet?

    Ngā Mihi Nui
    Charlotte Visser
    Summer Learning Journey

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