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Suspenseful Beginnings – Slides & Document

Suspenseful Beginnings – Slides

Today for reading I did Suspenseful Beginnings – Slides & Document. The WALT for this week is Create a suspenseful thought imagery and dialogue. Which means to add something like foreshadowing in your story or writing. I made a suspenseful little writing at the end of the slides. Please leave a positive comment on my blog. Thank you.


Suspenseful Beginnings – Document

Paste your Suspenseful Beginning into this doc then continue writing the rest of the narrative. Your Suspenseful Beginning should set the tone for the rest of your writing.

Your story should include the following.

  • Character dialogue
  • Correct punctuation
  • Paragraphs
  • Descriptive language that includes the sense (see, hear, smell, taste, feel)

Suspenseful Writing

It was a nice sunny day in Afghanistan. The sun was bright and shiny over the houses. It smelt like fresh bread that came right out of the oven. There was a boy next to me named Adam. He moved his mouth and spoke to me. Adam had nice black straight hair, he was 1 inch taller than me and had nice green eyes. Adam was wondering where the fresh bread scent came from.“Hey there, Do you know where that bread scent is coming from?”. Adam asked me in a smooth way with some shivers. I replied “ No, no I don’t sorry”. We sat at a bench and got some cold drinks. 

We talked about how we might be related or if we have anything in common. We both like football a lot, and we also enjoyed cooking. Cooking is the best. We went to my house and made some chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen. My family really likes chocolate chip cookies. We then played some football at the field. We enjoyed our day a lot, I then asked him if he wanted a night over at my house. He said yeah sure why not, We went to sleep fast.

The next morning, Adam and I made breakfast for my family. We made some nice crunchy grilled cheese, waffles, pancakes and a sweet huge red velvet cake. We all had breakfast together as a big family. We were laughing and having so much fun. Adam looked like he was having a lot of fun too. We then went outside and played a game of hide and seek with Adam and my siblings. I was the seeker, I counted to 30 and went hunting for them. 

(Wind blowing) The leaves were flying all over the place, I saw someone run across my face. I was so frightened but, I still went to check if they were still there. I went to check and no one was there. I was scared at first until someone said my name. “Swaimah” Someone whispered. I was so scared that I screamed and ran away. As I was running away I heard footsteps behind me. When I went to look There was no one. Then Someone said “run now or I’ll kill you”. I didn’t run because I was tired and There was no one behind me. As I took a step forward,I screamed  “HELP ME” 

The End!!





Seventh Grade

Seventh Grade – Audio Rubric

Today for reading I did Seventh Grade – Audio Rubric. it was really easy to do. I had to make a audio recording of myself reading seventh grade for 5 mins and rating it out of 16. I got 15/16. I think i need to work on saying the words smoothly. please leave a positive comment on my blog. Thank you

Seventh Grade – Doc

Seventh Grade – Gary Soto

First some questions
Answer the following questions about Seventh Grade

What Background information do you learn about Victor?
Victor is in seventh grade, He likes a girl called Teresa, He doesn’t enjoy maths, He has a friend called Micheal, He speaks Spanish and English.

When the boys scowl, the girls look at them. What might the girls think?
Because if the boys scowl the girls will love/like them. The girls will all fall in love with the boys. Girls love when boys scowl.

What obstacles are getting in the way of Victor making Teresa “his girl”?
Him allowing anything that Teresa needs help with, for example: Teresa needed help on her French homework and Victor said yes he would help her.
How does the tension increase now that Victor and Teresa are in the same class together?
That Victor can impress/show off to Teresa how good he is at French. Victor can help Teresa with the work and be a good boy.

Why did the teacher turn his back and walk to the blackboard?
Because Victor raised his hand and said he knew how to speak French but he actually couldn’t speak French at all. The teacher then went to the blackboard and read out some French words and told the class to repeat after him.

The French teacher, Mr Bueller realises that Victor is faking his knowledge of French, yet he does not let on about it. What impression does Mr. Bueller’s action tell you about him as a person and as a teacher?
Mr. Bueller as a teacher he sounds cool because Victor didn’t really know French and Victor thought it was a good idea to say some random words, Mr. Bueller didn’t tell Victor that he was saying random words, Mr. Bueller was basically not embarrassing Victor.

I think Mr. Bueller is a good person, Because he has been through what Victor has been through, so I think Mr. Bueller is a really good and motivated person.

Create an audiobook version of the story.

Using Online Voice Recorder or another recording tool, record yourself reading ‘Seventh Grade’.
Make sure you listen to this version first. Try to read at a similar speed and tone.
Record yourself for at least 5 minutes.
Listen back to yourself reading and score yourself using this rubric
Share you’re recording and marked rubric on your blog


5 Facts about Ronald Dahl

Today for reading I did 5 Facts About Ronald Dahl. It was really fun learning cool facts about Ronald Dahl. I was quiet surprised he spoke 3 or more languages! Impressive. Please leave a positive comment on my blog. Thank you!

Land wars summary

The New Zealand Wars or The Land Wars happened between 1845 and 1872. The wars were actually made up of lots of battles around New Zealand. It was some iwi vs the government, British forces and their Māori allies (friends). The battles happened at different times in different places. For example, there was war in Northland between 1845-1846. The battles in North Taranaki happened in 1860- 1861.  While the wars were all separate, they all started because of the same problem. The Government were making lots of decisions that hurt Māori. The biggest problem was that they were selling lots of land, forcing Māori to move from their homes. In the beginning, Pākehā were making ‘deals’ with Māori to buy land. They might trade land for guns or other items. Māori at this point had a different idea of land sale than Pākehā – they were trading for Pākehā to use the land, not own it as a possession. This caused some big problems.  

Trouble in Wellington

In 1846, some fighting started to break out between British troops and Ngāti Tama and Ngāti Rangatahi. They were fighting over who owned the land. Governor Grey was the Pākehā man in charge at the time, kind of like a prime minister. He ordered that the British troops should rule Wellington to try and take control of the situation. This forced the local iwi to stop the fighting as they were outnumbered and didn’t have as many weapons. A few settlers were killed in this time, so Governor Grey arrested some of the people he thought were responsible.They were from a different iwi, Ngāti Toa. They even arrested an elderly rangatira. Being chased by the British troops and some Māori, Ngāti Toa, Ngāti Tama and Ngāti Rangatahi had to flee from Wellington. They went all the way to  Poroutawhao, where they were left to settle. All three iwi had to leave their homes because of Governor Grey’s decision and the land sales. 

By 1860, almost the entire South Island was sold to Pākehā! North Island Māori saw how much land was being sold and wanted to stop or slow down the land sales. Arahura was sold for $600 new zealand dollars which would be the same as $160,981 in today’s money. This might seem like a lot, but the average cost of one house in auckland at the moment is $1,009,000. 

If I could only see one colour for the rest of my life it would be

If I could only see one colour for the rest of my life it would be Baby blue. It’s because my favourite colour is baby blue and I really think it would look really cool. I would just like to see people with baby blue skin colour, baby blue food, e.t.c. I just want everything to be baby blue and that’s what I want. I would be really happy if This really happened but sad because I won’t be able to see all the other beautiful colours. I just wish for everything to be baby blue one day. It would be hard to choose what clothes to wear, what to eat and what to pick up! Because I don’t know what colour they are. So if I had to choose a colour to see for the rest of my life it would be baby blue. Please leave a positive comment on my blog. Thank you!


BMF 4 – Algebros

Today for maths I did BMF 4 – algebros. it was really fun to answer these questions because theres only 1 slide and you can just finish it in 10 minutes. I finished it in 5 minutes. It’s just easy maths and it’s not to hard. The more you learn fractions the more you will finish faster and you will know the answers straight away. Please leave a positive comment on my blog. Thank you.

BMF 4 – Maths

Today for maths I did BMF 4 – Maths. it was really fun to answer these questions because theres only 1 slide and you can just finish it in 10 minutes. I finished it in 5 minutes. It’s just easy maths and it’s not to hard. The more you learn fractions the more you will finish faster and you will know the answers straight away. Please leave a positive comment on my blog. Thank you.

A Letter to Liam (Billy’s friend) Landlady

Today for literacy we were learning about suspense & Tension. We are also learning about foreshadowing, foreshadowing is when you add hints or clues to the story or text then later on in the story there will be something exciting, dangerous or scary thats gonna happen in the story. I wrote a letter being Billy and asking a friend for help. I chose a name Liam because I thought it will sound really nice in the story. Here’s the letter:


Dear Liam, I am in Bath, London. A man called Mr Greenslade helped me around the place and showed me where to go. I didn’t know anyone there because It was my first time being at Bath. I arrived at Bath looking for a place to stay for a night. I was walking around the place until I saw a sign “BED AND BREAKFAST”, I kept reading it again and again then I was hypnotised by the sign. I had to go to the place because I couldn’t resist it. I stopped walking and saw a vase of yellow chrysanthemums, tall and beautiful, standing just underneath the notice. I peered through the glass into the room, and the first thing I saw was a bright fire burning in the hearth. 

As soon as I walked to the door I rang the doorbell and out popped an old lady standing there ready for me to come in, “Do come in ” She said. I was really calm but confused why she was just standing there waiting for a guest to come. “Uh…uuh..uuuh ” I was stuttering not knowing what to say. “Thank you” I replied back to the old lady. I hung my coat and my hat on the hanger. I was thinking why no one else was here, and how quiet it was with no sound at all. The old lady walked up the stairs looking at me smiling with pale lips. I smiled back in fear not knowing what to do. I followed her upstairs to my room. The first floor is all hers, the 2nd floor is mine and the 3rd floor is….. A mysterious floor no one knows about. 

I entered my room and she said “Come to the sitting room after you unpack your bag” she said in a suspicious voice. As soon as I finished unpacking my bag I made my way downstairs to the sitting room. The old lady had tea on the table ready for me to drink. “Come here dear, Sit down” Patting the sofa. I was looking around the sitting room confused why there were so many animals everywhere. I sat down next to her and we talked to each other for a while. “Dear can you please fill in this guest book form” she said mysteriously, “Sure” I said politely.  While I was filling in the form I saw 2 other guests on the form, Christopher Mulholland & Gregory Temple. For some reason they sound really familiar to me, How about you? 

The landlady kept looking me up and down, it creeped me out VERY much, I wanted to exit the building straight away but I couldn’t. “Do you know where Christopher Mulholland & Gregory Temple are? They have been missing for a very long time” I said, “Yes dear, They are both on the 3rd floor” she said with a grin on her face silently laughing. I was going up the stairs to the 3rd floor when she stopped me and offered me tea. I drank one cup of tea and she continuously kept asking me for more. The tea tasted bitter every sip I took. It was like she added poison or something in it. 

I saw this really beautiful parrot which I thought was alive but when I went closer to grab it, it was motionless. “Dear when my pets die I stuff them!” She said, “Oh….ok that’s why they’re motionless” I replied shaking. I went upstairs straight to my bed to sleep, as I sat on the bed I heard a cracking noise (Crack crack crack) it sounded like bones breaking. I stood up and I didn’t want to sit or lay on the bed. I had to write a letter to you so you can help. I’m in great danger right now and suffer with this landlady. Please come to London,Swindon, Bath Bell and Dragon to help. 


Thank you 

Sincerely Billy 

5 Facts – Gross Things

Today for literacy I did 5 facts about gross things. I know that it sounds weird but I just thought lets do something new and be a little funny. I don’t think that these facts are gross to be honest. I feel like they are interesting but weird and the same time. Please leave  a positive comment on my blog. Thank you.

The Landlady – Comprehension questions

Today for literacy/reading i did The Landlady – Comprehension questions. It was really fun going though the text and finding the answers to the questions – It was kinda hard to find the answers but it was fun just some random words and researching what it means. I finished the slides in about 10-20 minutes and it didn’t take to long. I feel like I did i great job on this slide and answering the questions. Please leave a positive comment on my blog. Thank you!