One Line Art – Kick Start

Today for the Summer Learning Journey I did One Line Art – Kick Start. It was really fun trying to make your own shapes and patterns. All you need is a pencil, black marker and some paper. Draw something with your pencil but with one line. When you finish then go over it with the black marker with one line. And there, you have your own one line art! Thank you very much Amie Williams for making this task because I really like to try different types of art!

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2 thoughts on “One Line Art – Kick Start

  1. Kia ora Swaimah,

    I am impressed with your line art. Did you have to trace an image or did you free hand draw this? What inspired your images? Was it a purposeful decision not to add colour to your art? Why did you think it would be better without colour?

    I haven’t tried doing one line art but similar to poetry when it comes to creative tasks I prefer some structure. As with one line poetry or shape poetry you can get creative and still feel guided. What do you like about one liine art?

    Nga Mihi

    1. Kia ora Theresa.

      .Yes I hand drawed it but got the image from google.

      . What inspired my image is there’s always a friend with you whenever you feel down or emotional.

      . Well I wanted my art to be nice and classic to show that there are emotions and there are no emotions.

      . I thought it would look better and stand out a bit more!

      Thanks Swaimah

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