Vibrant Viola – Kick Start

My Viola Music – Ode To Joy

Today for the SLJ I did Vibrant Viola – Kick Start. It was really fun and musical to do. We had to go on a link called “Ode to joy” and play come Viola. It was a bird that plays the Viola put you have to drag the stick left to right and keep going. There’s a song you play, and in the right bottom corner you can record yourself playing the Viola. Watch me playng the Viola. Please leave a positive comment on my blog. Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Vibrant Viola – Kick Start

  1. Shalom Swaimah,

    How did you find it playing the Viola? I gave it a go myself and although I could recognise the song I played I struggled on the long notes because it wouldn’t hold. Did you find that? Was there anything you found challenging?

    Do you play any instruments? If you could play any instrument in the world really well, what would it be? Mine would be piano, I love the piano.

    You did a good job explaining to us what the app was and how it worked. To accompany that wonderful description you could have screenshotted the page and included it in your blog post just to give people a visual.

    What song would you like to play on the Viola?

  2. Ahiahi pai Swaimah
    your friend Jamie here! Your Ode to Joy performance was lovely, did you find anything hard about it? Like Anna said, holding the long notes proved to be rather difficult.

    Your description is very well written, and tells us how the website works and what Viola is. I can’t wait to see more of your posts Swaimah, have a great afternoon and a HAPPY New Year!!
    Your friend, Jamie <3

  3. Hi Swaimah!
    It’s me Alaysia here, your Ode to joy was almost perfect and I could tell you were really trying your best! I was just wanting to know what things about it you enjoyed? Also your task description is really good and very good detailed.

    Also I had a look at some of your other SLJ tasks and it helped me so much with learning how to do these tasks and stuff because I was finding it quite difficult learning how to do it so thank you so much! I wish you lots of goodluck in college and hope you have a greay New Year. lol


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